Written by Stanley Semilla | Published at 10 October 2017

I always wondered when I can write something like this. This is one topic I haven’t written ever since I started writing. Okay, let me get this straight. I will be specific and I’ll try to list them down in bullet form. This list may be updated every time I have something to add. Ready? Let’s do this.

Well, it’s been 12 days since I started writing this. I do hope I’ve got things listed correctly.

  • I appreciate Ielle’s friendliness
    I was the first one to make a move and invite her out. She approved without hesitation (or not?)

  • I appreciate Ielle’s cuteness and prettiness
    I didn’t know there was such a term as “prettiness”, but nonetheless, Ielle is naturally pretty — even without makeup. That’s probably the reason why I used ‘naturally’.

  • I appreciate Ielle’s love for doggos and animals
    Yes, doggos need to have special mention. I’ve met people who loves doggos, but Ielle’s love for them is unique. I grew up owning and loving doggos, and knowing Ielle’s love for them is definitely another reason to continue pursuing and loving her. Hopefully, Ielle gets to meet Bon soon.

  • I appreciate Ielle’s love language — time
    Well, it says a lot about her giving most of her rest and free time to meet with me. Even before I formally pursued her, I appreciate her love language of time.

  • I appreciate Ielle’s honesty and openness
    Ielle is one of the most sincere and honest person I have met in my life. She’s told me things I wasn’t expecting. And her telling me that made me love her more.

  • I appreciate Ielle’s practicality
    Ielle is younger than me (at this point, 5 years younger), but she never skipped the chance to teach me to be practical and wise. I’ve learned a lot with Ielle, especially doing commutes.

  • I appreciate Ielle’s simplicity
    Our motto — simple, natural, humble and practical. As always, ‘simple’ is the first word. Why? Because we don’t need decorations or other accessories as we move forward in this journey. Ielle taught me all about simplicity, and she’s shown me that.

  • I appreciate Ielle’s smile
    She’s cute & pretty, no doubt. But man, every time I see her smile, it cheers me up. It doesn’t make me forget my problems, but it makes me think that my problems comes with a solution. I keep a photo (and Boomerang video) of her in my phone for me to look at it once I get stressed from work.

  • I appreciate Ielle’s fashion
    Oh, this is where I can say Ielle has a good way of dressing up. I like how she manages herself, and at the same time, be aware and cautious to how she dresses. I don’t need to tell her, she knows.

  • I appreciate Ielle’s sincerity
    One, she’s honest — more related to being honorable. Two, she’s also sincere — meaning the quality of being honest and genuine. That’s Ielle. Her honesty is top-notch. And you will definitely know she’s telling the truth.

  • I appreciate Ielle’s clinginess
    We’re both clingy. We like to hangout a lot (or go on dates), and we always find ways to spend quality time. We don’t meet everyday, but we set time for us to go out, eat, and just relax. Our goal is to sit down, or lie down somewhere, and that’s it.

These are just a few, let me remind you there, a few of the traits I love about Ielle. And I appreciate her so much for everything she is. I can honestly say (and write) that I genuinely and sincerely love Ielle — with all my heart, mind and soul. Ielle is a gift from God. Someone who must be loved and protected. She deserves to be pursued, and being taken care of. I love Ielle.

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