Optimizing our API Server built with Django Published at 06 June 2018

We're currently developing a product that will handle millions of data. We expect our users to be eager to manage their data as fast as they can. They would want to do things simultaneously, and without delay. Our main stack is composed of Django and React. We chose django-rest-framework to ...

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Changing the ‘incentive’ system on Grab Published at 18 May 2018

Today, while riding a GrabShare going to Makati, my driver counter-flowed and created his own route to beat the traffic going to EDSA. We almost got hit by an SUV, and several times had a close call to other cars. This experience is not the first time, rather one of ...

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SSH to Raspberry Pi from Mac OSX Published at 25 April 2018

Recently, I've been doing side projects using a Raspberry Pi (RPi). There's a lot of sensors, devices and tools you can connect to a RPi. The benefits of using an RPi includes its size, wifi connectivity, and power consumption. Those three are major factors why I suggest using an RPi ...

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