Countdown to 2018

Written by Stanley Semilla | Published at 19 December 2017

That was fast, 2017. You proved to be both good and bad. But as we say goodbye to you, we move forward with everything you taught us. On how we can gather strength, and make one more step each day.

Well, this is basically for Marielle. I write this because God has blessed me with a human being for whom I can put my full love, and complete trust.

Ielle, you are the highlight of my 2017. As I look back, I realize how God blesses His children. I saw how God allowed me to learn through different circumstances. I witnessed how God made everything right in His eyes.

I thought 2017 will be a fluke — where Stan will be just some guy who stays at home, doing his work all day. 2017 was a year where I learned to discover new things, new places, and new people. It was a year where I explored to see how people move, and how people get connected with each other. I travelled places to witness the beauty of God’s creation, and to meet people whom I believe God used to make me appreciate His majesty. But at the end of the day, God made a way for me to meet the person He has prepared for me. I am amazed because He reserved you while I was trying to do things with my own effort. Truly, ask and you shall receive.

July 31 was the start of the journey that will last a lifetime. Then arrived September 5, where I formally got an approval to pursue a woman in Marielle. And a big step forward, November 6, where we made our commitment official. Those are dates with significant upgrades to our relationship. But, everyday with you is significant and important for me.

I promise you abundant life — a life where we will both enjoy each other, without selfishness, but with pure teamwork or partnership. I will pursue you everyday because you deserve to be pursued with everything I can offer. And I am excited on how God will guide and use me — to make you feel His love and care for you. Know that I have committed myself to love and pursue you. You are loved.

I thank you, for all you have done. I thank you, for the love that made me excited to wake up everyday. I thank you, for the time you have spent knowing me. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I thank you, for allowing yourself to be used by God.

There are 12 days till we get to 2018. And I am excited to see how we will continue a fun and enjoyable love adventure that we have. Love, know that you are always loved.

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