COVID-19, Day 26

Written by  | Published at 09 April 2020

How does one start writing for his love on the 26th day of lockdown? Well, just let your heart out.

First of all, I miss my love, Ielle. It isn't easy to be away from the person you spend most of your time with. On a regular day, I would spend time at work for several hours looking forward to meet my love to grab some dinner, or probably watch a movie. It's the time of the day I look forward to. Working from home is tiring. Maybe not physically, but it's mentally and emotionally tiring. You're by yourself, disciplining yourself, keeping balance with yourself, and making sure you do things properly by yourself. People would be jealous of the setup that I am in, but it is tiring. Meeting Ielle at the end of the day isn't the conclusion of my day, rather it's always the highlight. The moment I see her smile, hold her hands, and embrace her are the most rewarding things I could do in a day. It pays off all the imbalanced emotional stress from doing work-from-home.

Today is Day 26. We are in a lockdown. We never expected nor was prepared for something like this. Not just us, but the whole world is. The first time I heard about a lockdown in Metro Manila, I got worried. Worried that we'll have limited time (or no time at all to spend together). I kept saying to myself, that everything will be fine and things will get back to order. But days after the Metro was locked down, the whole region-island, Luzon, got locked down too. Damn!  Just damn. Things got scary, and things got pretty nasty when it came down the news.

I'm still grateful that we get to wake up everyday knowing we're not infected. I'm grateful that I wake up everyday since it's a day closer to seeing Ielle. It's a day closer to spending time with her, and assuring her that we'll get through this pandemic together. Even we're apart right now, a kilometer or two away from each other, I know there are bigger plans set for us. I keep holding on to God's promises for our relationship, and this pandemic, this too will pass.

I look forward to the day that I can hold Ielle's hands, and embrace her with all the love that I can pour for her. I would definitely love to see her smile again. I would love to wait for her as she finishes her work. I'd love to get a seat in the cinemas, so we could enjoy watching movies together. There's a lot of things I personally miss doing with Ielle. And I am just looking forward to the day everyone will be safe to go out. So people, stay at home. It's time for us to bid goodbye to COVID-19.

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