Dear COVID-19

Written by  | Published at 09 April 2020

You probably are clueless on how you're affecting us. You're right there, seen in more than 1.4million around the globe. And yet, you might not know what's happening.

One day, you arrived. They say you mutated from some kind of animal. But you arrived at a time none of us were prepared for you. And we don't blame you for that. It was really unexpected. Yet the moment you arrived, there's a fight against you. Right now, everyone wants you gone.

You locked us in our houses, office buildings, hospitals, and anywhere we could get away from other people. You made us buy stock of food, alcohol, soap and of course, tissue rolls. Even made us evolve from buying to hoarding. You made us panic, and hygienic. We learned how to wash our hands properly. We were educated to make ourselves clean, and get rid of anything bad that's probably sticking to us. You made us take a shower, clean our footwear and spray disinfectants to anything we touch. You made things very clean. You made the sky blue again. You reduced oil prices. You let us enjoy clouds instead of fog. You made us learn how to cook meals. But most of all, you gave us time to spend with our families. You're teaching us several things in a matter of months, and these are important things. It affects our personal life, social life and our careers. We learned how to properly email our colleagues instead of setting up a meeting with them. We learned the value of people around us, our family and friends. We learned a lot, and we're learning hard.

I know, I know. You're not happy with what's happening, but I must say, it's time for you to go. Our bodies aren't prepared yet. Our minds are all puzzled. And our hearts are all broken. You taught us lessons we couldn't learn quickly, and we're grateful. But really, it's time to let you go. It's time we find peace in what we do, and continue to move forward with caution from what we can get. It's time for us to go out and spend time with people we value most.

We'll take a step forward, or probably a leap ahead. But please, it's time for you to go.

Yours truly,


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