For My Love

Written by Stanley Semilla | Published at 17 January 2018

To the woman whom love can easily be given
To the woman whom time can joyfully be spared
To the woman whom strength be much stronger
I love you.

Things may come and go,
but my heart will never get tired.
Words and actions might be said and done,
but my promise will hold.
To love you with all my heart, soul and strength,
I will remain.

Forgive me for my shortcomings,
for they will be lessons of the past.
Allow me to reflect on them,
so it can be avoided in the future.

Take a step forward,
for we won’t be looking back.
The journey is in front of us,
so come on and run with me.

They say two heads are better than one,
but what if the one is up above?
This makes things come so sure,
for He is guiding us along the way.

Everyday is much special,
for I know you are with me.
The adventure is out there,
so com and hold my hand
and let’s do this together.

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