God, Thank You.

Written by Stanley Semilla | Published at 19 November 2017

Dear Love,

It’s been a while since I wrote something for you. I realized, I’ve been too busy with work and other projects lately, that I didn’t have the time to sit down, and write.

We’ve been in a roll recently. From the day you surprised me, up until today, I am very grateful. I can still remember the day when I asked to pursue you. It was already an awesome event for me. To be able to formally court/pursue you. And I told you that from that day, a hanging question was asked. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

I wasn’t expecting you to give me an answer this year. I thought it would take me a year to court you, and after that, I’ll get an answer from you. Considering also what your family asked me, “are you willing to wait?” And I answered that question with a yes.

It was actually hard for me to accept or agree with what you wanted — to bring me to the airport for my Japan trip. I was in total shock when you said that because it was a first time for me. I thought you were joking, until you told me you already asked permission from your mother. You made me feel very special with that gesture.

Before my trip, I was actually busy thinking of ways to celebrate your birthday. I want to spend a day with you so I can make up for my absence during your special day. I had the gifts prepared, but I didn’t have the time to wrap them properly. I tried last minute to find the proper boxes for the gifts, but I couldn’t. So I had them placed in a paper bag instead. And kept them hidden in my room. Then we hanged out for the day. I was actually guilty because I still have several errands or stuff to buy for my trip. And also, I haven’t cooked pesto before. So I was worried it wouldn’t taste good. Well, we were able to work that out.

We made several plans on how we’ll do the “hatid” thing. We laid out several options, and I was actually hesitant to push that through because of the time of my flight. But you were eager and we were able to agree on an option. You wanted to change the initial plan, and all I thought that time was you were trying to remove or lessen the hassle on my part. I was also eager to push with the plan I laid out, because as much as I can, I wanted to surprise you with my present.

My bag was packed, and I went to your place. There I surprised you with a gift for your birthday. Your mom talked with me about how safe it’ll be for you to travel back home from the airport. I assured your mom I’d make sure you come home safe. On our way to the airport, all I can think of is I’ll miss you. I’m preparing my mind and heart for a 10-day long distance connection with you. Then we stayed in Starbucks, and you insisted to wait for my friends to arrive before you leave. I was worried that time, because your mom will be worried too.

THEN, you handed something — a small piece of glass container with a rolled paper inside. My heart pounded fast, and faster as soon as I looked around that piece. I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t quite sure what that was. I read what’s written on the outside, “Adventure awaits”. I remembered UP, and I also remembered the last postcard I handed you, “Into the Wild” My heart pounded faster — faster as I take the piece of paper inside. I opened the paper, and I saw a big YES. And like that, I had a joyous moment. I wasn’t quite sure if I have expressed it very well. But I was a very happy man. I looked at you, and you have the sincerest eyes. Your eyes spelled YES. To assure me completely, I asked you, “will you be my girlfriend?” And you answered with a YES.

I was speechless. My heart wanted to burst because of the joy you gave me. You surprised me completely, and I am very thankful for that moment. I have a girlfriend — my last one. And more importantly, I have a partner in life. I AM JUST SO GLAD.

Love, salamat ng maraming-marami. Hindi ko ma-explain yung joy na naramdaman ko, and nararamdaman ko. But until now, it is overflowing. I will continue to pursue you. I will continue to love you more each day. I will continue to make you smile, and make you laugh hard. I will continue to be pa-cute. I will continue to hug and kiss you. I will continue to fist bump with you. I will continue to text your mom. I will continue to serve you with food. I will continue to hold your hand while we walk, ride the car or simply sitting down. I will continue to wait for you while you render OT work. I will continue to tag you from all those cute WBB posts. I will continue to greet you good morning — and text you good night even when you’re asleep already. I will continue to snap my fingers or wave at your face when you’re having a blank stare. I will continue to listen with jazz music with you every Thursday. I will continue to join you on your way home to Bulacan. I will continue to eat dinners with you. I will continue to invite you for church. I will continue to walk along Ayala with you. I will continue to remind you to drink your water everyday. I will continue to do a lot more — but more importantly, I will continue to lead you and our relationship, so that both of us grows as a person. Lastly, I will never stop loving you.

Love, thank you so much. And I will do my best to protect our relationship. Thank you for saying YES.

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