Happy Birthday, Marielle

Written by Stanley Semilla | Published at 07 November 2017

To the woman who’s celebrating her 22nd birthday, this is for you.

Happy birthday, Marielle!

This day marks another year of God’s faithfulness to your life. Do not fail to remember how God has been blessing your life, and your family. Your wishes and our prayers will be answered in His time. Just trust God that He prepared the bests for you.

You are a year older than your previous self. This means that you are more experienced in life. Generally, it proportions to maturity. But in your case, maturity grew faster. You handle life differently, and that makes you unique. Again and again, I say this, you influence people around you. Continue to be that person, who maintains good character despite of negative people around you. Be that person, who knows when to continue and when to stop. Be that person, who loves others more than yourself. Be that person, who wishes nothing but the best for your family. Be that person, whom I knew and whom I got to meet. Live your life freely — and as the last Sunday’s sermon says, live it freely with Jesus.

I love you, Marielle!

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