Honoring Ielle

Written by Stanley Semilla | Published at 26 September 2017

I’m used to writing in a chronological order, based on the date of the events that happened. It’s probably me exposing the mild OCD that I have. (Well, I diagnosed that myself)

Today, I want to honor Marielle. I want to express the intensity of emotions I have right now. I want to thank God for blessing me with a person in Marielle. Truly, God blesses His people in the best way He can.

It all started with a very unexpected ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’. I never expected her to talk and chat with me. But as everyone agrees, if you ask from God, surely, He will give you the best. And He did. Marielle is a pretty woman. No doubts about that. The first time I met her, starstruck. And the rest is history.

First of all, I want to honor Ielle for being a good and loving daughter. The way she treats her mom and sister, is very unique and genuine. I’ve only been with them once, but I saw how genuine their relationship to each other was. And I appreciate that. I haven’t met Ielle’s dad, and I continue to pray that I’ll one day meet him.

Second, Ielle is a strong woman. Despite all of the events that happened in her life, she was able to stand up and do what is right. She’s got this Amazonian vibe, yet you shouldn’t be scared at her. She has a soft and loving heart, and I’m very glad I’m on the receiving end. She always has the cute actions. And I always tell her, it seems that you cannot “un-cute” Ielle. She will always have that smile that brightens up my days. Yes, not just one day, but days. Ielle believes in “simple, humble and natural” way of living. And God knows how much I value those three characters.

Lastly, here’s what I really like to be grateful for, Ielle’s commitment. She knows and values commitment, and she follows it. My heart is jumping for joy because Ielle doesn’t need to tell in words how committed she is. I am so glad to be with her.

It didn’t took long for me to understand that I love her. Everything feels natural. And I will not stop telling her how much I love her.

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