I love you

Written by Stanley Semilla | Published at 23 November 2017

As I write this, you are probably half asleep. You’re currently on your way to Dreamland. I stood up, and I was eager to tell you this:

I love you.

I will never be tired loving you. I will always tell you, how I feel about you — even in moments you don’t like to hear me. You are God’s gift, a blessing in the form of you. I am still in awe how we both got to know each other. Truly, it was God who made a way. We matched not only in an app, but in several ways — how we look at life, and how life has been for both of us.

It’s amazing to see you mature, and apply the things you’ve learned. The way you improve how you handle life in work and relationships is very inspiring. I applaud you for that. I am so grateful for a woman in you. Yes, you are a woman, and not a girl anymore.

I am now considered your ‘boyfriend’, ‘boyfie’, ‘boyf’ — but I’d rather look at myself as simply a man who pursues you. The journey is not yet done, because I’d love to pursue you as long as we both live. I’d like to be the man whom God uses — to extend His love, grace, compassion and forgiveness. I’d like to be the man who pushes you to your full capacity, and pulls you from those who limits you from who you can be. I’d like to be the man who guards and protects your heart from those who want to destroy it. I’d like to be the man who covers you with appreciation and recognition so you would always know that you are doing great. I’d like to be the man who starts your day with a “good morning” and ends it with a “good night”. I’d like to be the man who cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner for you — so you wouldn’t skip meals. I’d like to be the man who embraces you, so you will always be charged emotionally. I’d like to be the man who kneels down every night, so I can tell God about our day and how we love Him. I’d like to be your man — for the rest of your life.

You are still asleep. And you still make this “tsk” sound every now and then. In a while, our call will end. I am assured you’re sleeping well. Quietly in your dreams, I’ll kiss you good night. And silently, I’ll be on your side —to embrace you with love. Forever, I will love you Marielle.

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