Informal & Unexpected

Written by Stanley Semilla | Published at 19 September 2017

The first one needed to happen. The second one made me go for it.

It was a Friday. No one wants to go out on a Friday. Good thing it wasn’t pay day. We are supposed to either hangout with our friends/colleagues or stay home with our family. That’s the purpose of Fridays.

I will be hosting for DZUP1602, and I asked you to listen. Not because I’m proud of what I’m doing but by the sole reason that I want to greet you live on air. It was unfortunate though. You have to leave work exactly at 5:30pm. And we couldn’t find a way for you to listen. I felt sad, you felt it too.

You were on your way home. Probably, excited that you are going home early. To enjoy home, and enjoy rest. Yet I sent an invitation for a second date (nah, it was just dinner). I was expecting a ‘no’ this time, for the reason that you were already near or at your residence. Yet, you responded with a ‘yes’. Of course, you probably know by now how my heart beats faster, and my smile shines more than daylight.

I booked a ride to our meeting place. You were already home. My ETA was an hour. And I told you I’ll let you know when I’m near. I got worried. I got no replies from you. Apparently, you fell asleep. Probably because I was an hour away. Amazingly, few minutes away from our meeting place, you woke up. You said sorry. You prepared, then you went ahead. I got excited. Yes, I’ll meet her the second time. This time, I’ll feel more comfortable.

I arrived. In my mind, I was not wearing a pogi outfit. But I have to let that pass. I’ll meet her and be myself, with my shirt, hoodie and backpack. I saw her far away. I saw her in her shorts and shirt. Wow. This feels like a normal meetup, not looking like a date. You had a small bag. Nonetheless, you still carry your pretty face and your lovely smile.

Marielle is just pretty. Simple in her own ways. And that’s what I love most about Marielle. Whatever she wears, whatever she does, she’ll be sincere and genuine.

Food was served. And our stories went out our mouths. We both have stories to be told. We were just enjoying our time. That was one perfect date. No preparations, no flowery words, no reddish makeups, just the bare you and bare me. We weren’t embarrassed with our ‘kalokohan’. Nor we kept anything from each other. After eating, we decided to walk around and find a good coffee or dessert place. But you were already full. As we were walking, you asked about my past relationship. How recent it was, and the things that happened. I knew this time would come, and I had that story in my pocket every time I go out with someone.

We stopped by the benches, sat there, and I began telling my story. I told you about my first relationship. How a 3-year relationship ended because of a responsibility she has to take. You got mad or angry. I can see how you were responding. And I continued telling my story, and the broken story of my past relationship. A story of a girl who immediately decided to get out of our relationship, with no valid reasons. I told you how another 3-year relationship ended as a fluke. You got angrier. Punching your thighs or knees as I continue telling my stories. I wasn’t expecting you to be mad. I wasn’t expecting you to appreciate me that time. And again, you did.

To make our time happier, we ended up showing photos on our mobile phones. I asked you to send me your graduation photo (It was my technique so I can get a photo from you), and you willingly sent it to me. Then we continued scrolling through our own phones. Telling the story of the photos one by one. You didn’t want to show me your selfies. But I don’t think I need to see them, because I already knew you’ll be both pretty and cute in those photos.

It was near 2am, and your ‘mumshie’ sent a message. Telling us there’s still a next time. When you told me that, I couldn’t help but had a big smile inside me. A smile not on my lips, but in my heart. There will be a next time. Before we part ways, you asked to see my tattoo. I showed them, even though I think it was something negative. You were enthusiastic about it, and you wanted to have one yourself. Wow, just wow. I wasn’t expecting that and I got excited.

T’was one perfect date night. No formalities. No expectations. Just purity in all forms. And I loved it that way. I went home with the biggest smile I had for 2017. “God, thank you for a woman such as Marielle.” Good night.

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