It's Been A Long Time

Written by Stanley Semilla | Published at 13 April 2018

"Welcome back, Stan!"

Let's look back and assess everything that happened in the past months. Together we'll see the beauty of being in a relationship, and the adventure that will last a lifetime.

Last Friday, we celebrated our fifth month together. It was a day filled with both joy and sadness. For the first time in my Manila years, I lost my phone. Not just losing it by accident, but losing it to someone who has planned and executed it well. But let's not dwell in that event, for that is not the highlight of the day.

Five months into this relationship, and it's still the same. Same that everyday I wake up, and I know that our love is growing, that we are in a journey that'll last forever. I do believe in forever, and I do believe we can conquer. Five months and I know more and more about Marielle. The way she handles herself with her family, friends and colleagues are getting into my understanding. I keep learning -- learning that one day I'd be living with this woman. And I am excited.

Excitement. People do get excited. Excited to the point where everyone seems to allow compromise, and allow their values to be violated. That mindset kills. It kills the mindset of keeping your ground, of standing to your principles and of believing you will endure.

I thank God for His blessings. For His unending love and guidance that no one could ever give. I thank Him for continuously supporting us, even in the midst of misunderstandings, God is there waiting for us to reach out. He is more present than ever, and I am grateful.

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