Meet the Parents of the Paw-rents

Written by Stanley Semilla | Published at 04 October 2017

Indeed, it was the best birthday so far. I couldn’t remember celebrating my birthday with so much joy and excitement. My birthday was the chosen date for a previous acquaintance, and I never really got the chance to celebrate my adding-a-year-to-my-age day.

It was an awesome day for me. Ielle insisted that the memories my birthday brought me will be changed by a better memory. Indeed, Ielle was able to do so. My parents were eager to visit me on my birthday, and it was also an opportunity for me to introduce Ielle to them. At first, I was worried if the plan will push through. Well, what was the plan? It was actually simple. My parents loved live music, and more so, live jazz music. Dad is a big fan of jazz, and that was his influence to his children. Thursdays are jazz night in Greenfield District, and that is a day before my birthday. My parents agreed to visit us on a Thursday (because who wants to drive on a Friday Payday the 15th, right?) But I was worried. My parents are arriving late, and it might be too late for Ielle to meet them. I told my parents they’d meet Ielle soon, and tonight was the night. Fortunately, my parents arrived safe and sound, it was around 9pm. Ielle also told me she’ll be able to join us for the night. There goes my big smile again. But at the same time, I was nervous of my parents’ reaction of meeting Ielle. Nonetheless, I know I did my part of telling them and they both supported me when I told them.

We first checked in to our hotel near Greenfield. We chose to stay with them as the hotel provided me with a good rate good for us. It was getting late, and my dad is getting hungry. It was a quick drive from Katipunan to Ortigas. And a quick check-in to our hotel. We went to Greenfield where my brothers were already waiting. I called Ielle, and she was in the area also. The plan is going as is. We decided to find a restaurant, and eat before hanging out with live jazz. My parents with my brother went ahead while I wait for Ielle. We then followed, and God, I introduced Ielle to my parents. Thank you Lord. Both my parents were smiling well. At this point, I know the night will go smoothly. And it did. Of course, Ielle will be shy at first. But when we went back to the field after dining, I’ve noticed Ielle adjusting very well. Then my dad started chatting with her. Bit by bit, dad is connecting with her. My mom doesn’t talk a lot because he lets dad do the talking. And my mom never did anything misleading with her face that night. So I realized, my mom is completely in support of me pursuing Ielle. It was good, then we have to go home.

When I and Ielle arrived at their place, we stopped by Ministop and hangout for sometime. At 12:02am of September 15, Ielle told me, “Happy Birthday!” I was so glad spending the first minutes of my birthday with Ielle. And at that moment, we took our first photo together. And both of us, posted it on our Instagram stories — simply broadcasting each other to each other’s IG world. That day was awesome, and probably, one of the best birthdays in my life. To be able to introduce Ielle to my family — that is the best way of telling Ielle, she is part of our family.

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