That Was Fast

Written by Stanley Semilla | Published at 06 January 2018

I can’t imagine how fast time passed by. It was like yesterday, or probably the other day when a woman gave me this.

“Yes, be my boyfriend. I love you”

The moment is fresh. And the memory will last forever. There weren’t highs and lows, but each day passed with the knowledge of a woman who loves me so much. It was new. It was unique. It was special.

61 days passed by, and not a single day did I forget to recognize and express my love for Ielle and vice versa. She’s special. She’s a gift handed to me, and God gave me the responsibility of taking best care of her.

In those days I’ve learned several things. And today, I’d like to list 7 of them. Here are 7 things I’ve learned being in a relationship with Ielle:

  1. Love isn’t about changing the person, it’s about accepting who they are. If you can’t accept them the way they arrived in your life, then it’ll be hard for you to love them. This is what made it easy for me to love Ielle. I’ve learned to accept Ielle’s past and vowed myself to guide her as I pursue her.

  2. Trust comes hand in hand with love. I’ve learned to trust Ielle in many ways. And to completely believe Ielle will decide based on what is right, beneficial, and necessary. There’s no need to be paranoid. Stay calm, and trust Ielle.

  3. Shut up and listen to what she says. I am a big talker. I like talking a lot. And during the past months with Ielle, I learned to stop talking and keep my ears open for her. I knew how important it is to know her side — in this way, I get an idea how she thinks and manages the events in her life.

  4. Do little things together and decide together. This is something new to me. I’ve lived my life knowing I can do stuff. Especially buying things for myself. Having Ielle accompany me made those moments special, and it gave me a second opinion on the necessity and purpose of things I get for myself.

  5. Be a man, and groom up. Oh, this is probably the biggest change for me. And indeed, this is a positive change. I learned to groom up — to cut and shave my facial hair. Also, I am now getting a regular haircut. The best thing here is to know how to dress up. It gave me positive feedback from my family and friends. Ielle is naturally pretty, and whatever she wears it fits her. So I leveled up my fashion game, and be on par with Ielle.

  6. Practice your authority, yet be open. I am older than Ielle, by 4 to 5 years. Though most of the time, I do not consider the age difference — I did learn to practice my authority as the older person. Also, I’m learning to lead and guide Ielle in every way possible. Ielle is younger but it doesn’t hinder me from listening to her side. Always consider her perspective, and make a final decision with that in mind.

  7. Continue doing things you are passionate about. One thing I appreciate most with Ielle is her support for the things I am passionate about. My goal to deliver joy (“chickenjoy”) to less fortunate kids in Payatas has been fulfilled. It was worth all the effort and time. Best part was during the days Ielle accompanies me to scout, prepare and pray for the event. Truly, Ielle has been with me since day 1 — and even before that.

P.S. Mahal kita, Marielle.

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