TIL How Love Works

Written by Stanley Semilla | Published at 21 May 2018

TIL = Today I Learned

I figured I'll write everything about my lessons on this journey with Ielle. Why? Because this journey has been the most exciting journey of my life. And I am about to enumerate what I learn, and how I learn.

Today marks the 52nd birthday of Ielle's mom. We did a surprise celebration, and everything was successful. Kudos to Ielle for planning this surprise. But what made me write this up? Two things: (1) Ielle's mom hugged me, and thanked me for being there (2) Ielle told me about how "family-oriented" the celebration was.

Then I stopped for a moment, thinking that indeed it was family oriented. And it made me realize that's how love works. When you learn to love someone, you also get to learn how to love their family. However the structure was, and whatever the circumstances were. Love your partner, and love her family. Your partner will accept you for who you are, because she loves you. That's what Ielle has done. She loved me for who I am, and who I will become. She accepted my faults, forgiven my mistakes, and trusts me to be better. At the same time, that's what her family has done too. To do the same, to show how accepted I was, and how I became part of the family --that's how love works. It's unselfish that it isn't just between me and Ielle, rather it includes our families.

Love isn't too complicated, instead we make the complications. Loving Ielle has always been relaxing and comforting. It is exciting that it brings out our goals and dreams in life. It makes us realize that we are working on a future, a future with Ielle. So I tell everyone, don't be afraid to love -- for love works when it's right. Don't make it too complicated, instead enjoy every step of the way.

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